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21 Top Airsoft Game Types & Airsoft Rule Book

So many players… …So little time.”

Knowledge is Key
Shootout/ Terrorist takedown, Gangsters, Cops and Robbers, etc etc…

2, DeathMatch.

3, Team Deathmatch

4, TDM with re-spawning.

5, TDM with re-spawning and honorable Death.

6, Find the Sniper / Insurgent ambush.

7, King of the Hill, Attack & Defend.

8, King of the Hill, 3 Man Team Respawning.

9, Tag

10, Bulldog Rush / Birthday Boy Bash.

11, VIP / Escort / President

12, Head of the Snake… Duel VIP / Escort / President / Commander.

13, Capture the Flag

14, Capture the flag 2.0 / Epic Round Robin

15, Hamburger Hill

16, Vietnam Trail.

17, Detonator Defuse

18, Demolitions

19, Clone Wars / Tactical Medic’s

20 Terminator

21, The End is near…

Followed by An Airsoft Rule Book

"So many players… so little time…"
While 100's of players on massive maps for a day long milsim wargame can be a wonderful experience and I have personally always thought more players = More targets.
The reality is more fun can be had with lesser numbers and smaller arenas.
Lesser numbers = Easier/swifter player prep & organizing = More games = More lives/deaths = More fun.
And with a whole day of play many types of games can be experienced throughout one day.
And highest in fun type would generally be any respawning games set to a time limit although they can be tiring, but a great way to start or end the day.


If poor game type combined with some inexperience players can become camp-a-thons. (just a few players left far apart and no one moving) Adding objectives can help eliminate this, as well as respawning. But if your game type has nether, all games can be push forwards by asking the Game Marshall/ time keeper for a quicker ending and to let the remaining players know that the game is ending and with a "2 min" warning, then "1 min left"… "30 seconds" "20" "10, 9,8" etc… "1… Game over" for hopefully a dramatically ending.


Knowledge is Key
A key to a great game is that everyone should be aware of all rules, details of the field, boundaries, start / spawn /objectives locations, all need to be explain well, or even print out a few copies for reference beforehand. If maps are available one copy for each side can be a tactical godsend for pre-round planning.
But also note as a player you must be aware of all rules and if you don't understand anything, please ask. As its better to ask a silly question, than to make a silly mistake.
If you get caught out by not knowing a rule, it can only be your fault for not asking the right questions or listening to the instructions. Same with equipment, if anyone is using smoke, grenades or claymores or other special equipment, it's better to let everyone know before the game begins, than to have a game end pre-maturely.


And here is the TOP 21 Game types, in no particular order.

1, Shootout/ Terrorist takedown, Gangsters, Cops and Robbers, etc etc…
Airsoft at its simplest.
Small number of players, as team or individuals, played in a small area, in or around a building, car or even out in the open.
Players only use similar weapons (eg: all pistol, but everything is optional.) in order to reenact the gun fights experienced by anyone on the rough streets or in law enforcement, or military. These are very quick matches and may be set up in a scenario like using a vehicle that's been "pulled over" or a robbery.
Basically get a good distance apart, someone says "go" and everyone starts shooting. Last man or team standing wins.
And repeat! Fun level:***


2, DeathMatch.
All players start in the middle of the map and have a set base / bunker / flag / drum /tree in the middle of the field.
At a "go" everyone runs to find somewhere to hide hopefully away from everyone else. No shooting allowed.
After 10 seconds (or up to a minute pending field size and player numbers) a whistle /horn or some screams a game start and then it's just plain old killem all.
If it moves shoot it, everyone is an Opfor (enemy).
If your hit you're out.
Last one alive wins the game.
Or after a set time 5 to 10 Min (pending arena size and players) and several plays still alive, start a count down, "1 min left"… "30 seconds" "20" "10, 9,8" etc… "1… Game over" whoever is closest to the base when time is up, is the winner.
Fun level:**


3, Team Deathmatch
Team deathmatch, or TDM is a standard way to play airsoft. Two teams play each other.
Usually a set time 10 to 30 min pending field and size of group.
Once you hit your out of the game.
winner is team last alive or most players left at times up.
Fun level:*


4, TDM with re-spawning.
Same as above but each side has a set base / bunker / flag / drum /tree and once you get hit you go back to the Respawn point.
You also need to keep track of all the kills you get. At the end of the match, players combine all of their kills, and whichever team has more kills wins.
Fun level:**


5, TDM with re-spawning and honorable Death.
Played with set time (10 to 30 min) Same as TDM with respawning, but you count how many time you die.
Pen and paper is needed at each respawn point with a list of all players.
Once a player gets hit he returns to the respawn base, marks a 1 by his name and is back ingame.
The Winner is the player that has taken the most hits.
Fun level:***


6, Find the Sniper / Insurgent ambush.
Good for smaller groups wanting a quick game, with 30% of the group (preferable one player using a sniper rifle/bolt action rifle but is not essential) has two minutes to hide with a few other players as support, usually in light bush to jungle. Once the game starts the Hunters are to wonder into the bush locate the snipers and eliminate them.
Hunters get unlimited lives and return to a respawn point to reenter the game. Sniper and support only get one life. Once all snipers and support are eliminated. Pick a new team and repeat.
Fun level:**


7, King of the Hill, Attack & Defend.
A portion of the players (30 to 70%) barricade themselves on a hill, building, defendable position or even a relatively open area and once set up can not advance.
And the rest of the players are the attackers and must attack.
Can be played with one shot one kill, or with both teams having respawn points and the defenders have with only 2 respawns eg: 3 lives, and attackers have unlimited lives. Eg: attackers will always win.
Fun level:**


8, King of the Hill, 3 Man Team Respawning..
Set time limit to 10 or 15 min.
3 or 4 teams of 3, 4, or 5 players start in the 4 corners of the map.
field has 1 set object base / bunker / flag / drum /tree and a dead zone for hit players to go to, but at ether ends of the field and it doesn't matter who starts closest to the objective.
Additional players can start in the dead zone waiting to make a team of them.
Once you are hit you move to the dead zone to make a new team of 3, 4, or 5, pending the original team size limit. So each new team will be a mix of other teams so make note of your new team quickly, and stay close to them.
When the team is formed they re-enter the field and announce loudly "New team on the field" "Here we come " to let everyone know to which your back.
New teams only enter the field once every 1 or 2 mins, and must try to head in a different direction from what the previous team had taken.
Teams that are near the object try to take it and hold it.
New teams try to get there as fast as possible and anyone in the middle is the meat of this shyt sandwich.
Or after a set time is up, start a count down, "1 min left"… "30 seconds" "20" "10, 9,8" etc… "1… Game over" whichever team is closest to the base when time is up, is the winner.
This game is great practice for team Identification, working as small unit with swift team movements, covering your rear, and the bingo/Bang rule.
Fun Factor :***


9, Tag
The game starts as a Free for all Deathmatch type game as above.
All the players start the game hiding from each other than after a game start whistle, once you hit an opponent, they fall to the ground as if wounded.
You can now move towards them and place your hands on their shoulder to "Revive" them for 10 seconds, now they are back in the game and a part of your team. Game ends when everyone is on the same team.
Everyone wins!
Fun level:***


10, Bulldog Rush / Birthday Boy Bash.
Similar to tag, but game starts with all against one… volunteer or birthday boy / groom to be in one corner of the field
All other players are spread out well across the field and cannot move forward.
Although there should be only 2 players closest to the attacking player that can engage him. And 3 more spread out behind them.
Only the attaching player has a respawn base or wall and once hit returns to it to respawn as normal.
Once defenders are hit the go towards the attackers respawn and once there join his team.
Game ends with a frantic rush to find the last defenders by a very large team. Everyone wins!
Fun Factor :**


11, VIP / Escort / President
One team has to escort an unarmed (or in some cases, a very lightly armed) person to a certain location or objective point to win. There is another team who tries to kill the escort or the whole team. Usually the attacking team hides while the escort team travels along a normal path.
VIP needs to be identifiable at a distance by wearing construction vest, or extra colored tape or a funny hat for example.
If a player is hit he is eliminated
Once the VIP is hit, its game over.
Fun Factor :**


12, Head of the Snake… Duel VIP / Escort / President / Commander.
Same as VIP, but both teams have one, and ether have to move them to a set location to win, or just keep them alive similar to TDM with one critical kill and is game over if the VIP / Commander is eliminated.
Fun Factor :***


13, Capture the Flag
Can be played with 1 flag or 2 or several and has a set time limit.
Generally one flag in each base, and returning the Opfor's (opposing forces) flag to you base gets a point. Flags are then quickly reset and the game is repeated.
Each team should have a respawn point away from the flag base, but equal distance for both sides. Flags cannot be hidden and general placed on an open area. Flag carriers most not hide flags and if they are hit must place the flag nearby so it is visible and not hidden.
Ether team can then pick up the dropped flag to return to their base.
Fun Factor :**


14, Capture the flag 2.0 / Epic Round Robin
For larger games, multi flags (Eg: 5 flags each) at a base or several bases and is similar to the standard capture the flag. But flags are not reset, unless one team has all.
Only one person can carry one flag at one time.
For the epic effect…can be played with 4 teams, 4 bases, and 5 flags each. A neutral zone in the middle can hold all 20 flags or most part of the flags to start with.
Note will lead to some very special tactics and epic battles to reclaim lost flags while defend your own base. And good team markings are essential.
After set time expires, whichever team holds most flags wins.
Fun Factor :****


15, Hamburger Hill
(note no hill is require as it's just a game about territory. ;) )
Set time game 20 to 2 hours on a good size field and good number of players divided in to 2 or 4 equal teams.
Also needed 1 coloured flag, per base per team.
Field with 4 to 8 or more base, although 6 bases are good on a medium field, and all positioned at equal distances apart. Each base has 1 flag per team colour.
So with 2 teams 2 different colour flags, and 4 teams 4 flags… Per base.
Teams start at either end, away from the bases or at one base and instantly raise one flag.
Objective of each team is to get to each base and raise their team colour flag.
When time is up, which every team has the most flags raised is the winner.
Fun Factor :***


16, Vietnam Trail.
Field is long and narrow, or along a road, or path. Defending team hides along the road to ambush the other team. Attaching team is to travel along the road or just from one end of the field to the other. If defenders are hit they are to move to re-spawn 15 to 20m back down the field and can't move forward. If attackers are hit the must pretend to be wounded and cannot shoot. Any team mate can be a medic and to heal must touch them on the shoulders, then count 20 seconds. Then the wounded player is healed and back in the game. Once defenders are forces back to the end of the field they are out of the game, so attackers will always win. If you need to make it harder for the attackers, only have 1 or 2 medics. Fun Factor :***


17, Detonator Defuse
Can be played with TDM with respawn rules, but with a hidden satchel charge (mock explosive, (usually a kitchen timer with alarm attached to a box or bananas) set to go off in 15 to 30 min pending team and field size. Objective is to find and disarm the bomb. Timer can be hidden in the middle of the field so both teams race to find and disarm. or one team can defend and the timer is hidden on their half of the field. Team that defuses the bomb wins. If no one defuses the bomb everyone loses. Fun Factor : **


18, Demolitions
Similar to Detonator, but this time there are two bases, and an object to represent a satchel charge (mock explosive) is placed in the middle of the field between the two bases. One team begins in each base. The goal is to take the charge to the enemy's base. When the charge reaches the enemy's base and remains untouched by the enemy for 2 minutes (depending on rules), the enemy loses. If the charge carrier is eliminated anyone can pick up the charge.
Respawn points can be use once shoot, but there positions shouldn't be too close to the bases.
Fun Factor : ***


19, Clone Wars / Tactical Medic's
Similar to a TDM with respawning but with one major difference. The difference being once players at hit they are to remain seated or laying, and call for a medic. Once a medic arrives to touch the player they then both must return to their base together to respawn the hit player. If ether players are hit the they must both wait for medics.
Or if you can touch an enemy player that has been hit and waiting for their medic, he has to follow you back to your base and he then is out of the game.
This is a very tactical team game as you need to work together to keep your team alive because any lone wolfs are lost easily.
Fun Factor :****


20, Terminator AKA Juggernaut
Played with 2 teams with 2 re-spawning bases and is a type of payload force-back game.
One player volunteer with maximum vest, neck protection, helmet and crotch protection is the terminator and carries 1 or 2 big guns. Also has a metal bowl attached to the back of his vest. He cannot die and starts on a knee in the Centre of the field "deactivated" .
To activate the terminator you must touch the terminator and tell him what team colour he has now joined. Eg: "you on the red team". The terminator stands up and starts walking slowly towards the Opfors base shooting at them along the way.
To deactivate the terminator you have to shoot him in the metal bowl which he will hear and return to on a knee position to await re-activation.
To reactivate him any one player touches him and tells him what team he has joined. Eg"Your on the blue team now"
Each time player gets 3 lives, eg: first live plus 2 re-spawns. And game end's when the terminator reaches ether bases or one side is all eliminated.
But Note: do not shoot the terminator excessively as all this will do is get him pissed and hunt you down ;)
Fun Factor :***


21, The End is near…
A simple something I have done to noobs or friends at the end of the day when I have full mags to empty and don't want to just waste them.
Give a noob or a friend your gun… and ask them to shoot at you when you get 15 to 45m (Pending model) away while you're doing a funky dance to avoid getting hit.
This does several things as well as emptying your mags, it gives the noob a last bit of fun for their day, and more importantly you can see and understand the performance of your gun… from the other end. ;)
Fun Factor :***

"And Special thanks to all my friends I have ever shot" --FC


Airsoft Rule Book

Please use and edit at will for your Team, Club, or Game Site.

1 Gun Rules
2 Basic Safety
3 Game Control
4 One Hit Elimination
5 No hit calling.
6 No Hostages
7 No holding or grappling
8 Surrender, BINGO! BANG!
9 Knife Kill
10 No time outs
11 Dead men tell no tales.
12 Civilians
13 Observe proper decorum
14 Do not display your airsoft gun in public.
15 Do not play in full view of the Public!

Safety Rules
1 Gun Rules
(Please also See Gun Safety Page)

2 Basic Safety
2.1 No Real Steel Firearms, Airguns or Weapons allowed. If you bring a knife for what ever reason leave it with your gear and never take it into the field of play.
2.2 Wear your safety goggles at all times when in the playing zone.
Lower face protection is also highly recommended! It is inevitable you will get hit in the face. It is highly recommended that your cover your lower face with minimal of a layer of material, neoprene or plastic mask would be best.
No goggles, No play!
2.3 No one is allowed play under the influence of alcohol or drugs
2.4 Avoid shooting anyone at close range. (See surrender below.)
2.5 Avoid head shots whenever possible.
2.6 Avoid blind firing. (Blind firing is defined as shooting without looking at what you are shooting at, like sticking you gun around the corner and shooting, not knowing if there is a person 5 feet away or not.) 2.7 Put your Airsoft weapons on safety when not in play.
2.8 If a player is seriously injured during play, call a "cease-fire" or ask a marshal to call "cease-fire" And Call for a "MEDIC"
2.9 Test fire your Airsoft weapons only in the designated testing area.
2.10 Stop shooting immediately when the player acknowledges the hit. Over killers will be warned on two occasions. On there 3rd incident of over killing the culprit will be asked to leave the day and never to rejoin game days.

**We play this game for fun. Not to inflicted pain!
Although if you play this game, you should realize it some stage, you will feel pain. But anyone found causing deliberately harm to others will be dealt with most swiftly.**

2.11 Avoid hitting "dead men" as they exit the playing field.
2.12 Stop shooting when "GAME OVER" or a "CEASE-FIRE" is called.
2.13 No shooting in the presence of civilians (See civilians below).
2.14 No throwing of rocks or debris. You may injure someone inadvertently.
2.15 Avoid outside the playing area or areas with cliffs or higher than a single storey. You may fall and injure yourself (fatally).
2.16 No pyrotechnics during games unless prier stated before the game begins. "Safe" smoke screens will be the only exception. But everyone still needs to be aware before the game begins.
2.17 Excluding pimples, third nipples, and bleeders, most airsofting injuries are caused from running to fast and not watching your footing. So slow down, and watch your step!
2.18 All Airsoft weapons must be within legal power limit as per the game site, club or countries laws.
2.19 Generally Gun power is decided before game day by the Game site, Game Marshall or Host Group.
2.20 You must stick to the limits provided for the day, for the safety and even playing field of all those involved.
2.21 Lasers are allowed and you must avoid to pointing anywhere near anyone's head.

Conduct of Play

3 Game Control
3.1 The organizer and the duly designated Game masters \ Marshals control the game play. They decide the type of game, the play area, when the game starts, and when the game ends.
3.2 Marshals shall, from time to time, rule players as "hit" or "out of bounds".
3.3 If a marshal makes a ruling, it is final. That includes the determination of the adequacy of your safety equipment.
3.4 All newbie's must attend the Safety Rules and Conduct of Play Briefing before being allowed to play.
3.5 The organizer reserves the right to refuse players into games from violation of any of the rules of Safety or Conduct.

4 One Hit Elimination
4.1 One hit eliminates a player from the game.
4.2 A direct hit on any part of the body, including clothing being worn, combat vests, backpacks, canteens or any other gear directly connected to your body is considered a valid hit.
4.3 Direct hits on headgear being worn or directly held by the player also warrant's elimination. Exception is if a prop or some other device is supporting the headgear.

4.4 If your gun is hit, you are eliminated / disabled.
4.4a If you have a secondary gun you can use it. But Guns Must not be used as shields.
4.5 Shots that go through or penetrate cover is also considered a direct hit.
4.6 Shots that ricochet or bounce off other objects/players are not considered hits.
4.7 Knife kills count as hits (See knife kills below).
4.8 Friendly Fire counts as hits.
4.9 If both starting locations are within shooting range and you are hit in the first 5 seconds (5 ONLY!) you may Yell "I'm Hit... but continuing" so not taking the hit out of the game and continue to and must seek direct cover!

5 No hit calling.
5.1 A shooter cannot declare another player as hit.
5.2 A hit player must acknowledge the hit by calling out "HIT", "DEAD", "OUT" or "SEI" at least three times.
5.3 After acknowledging the hit, you must raise your gun over your head and proceed immediately to the Neutral (safe) Zone or respawning zone.
Please Note: if your hit, DON'T just turn your back and walk away or try to hide in cover as this will lead to you getting hit again and again till you yell "I'M HIT"
5.4 When trying to exit during a firefight, the "hit" player must continue holding his/her weapon above her head and shout "DEAD MAN WALKING!" or "DEAD MAN COMING OUT!" etc etc

6 No Hostages 6.1 A player cannot hide behind a "dead" player, a marshal, or other non-combatants.
6.2 No engagements near delicate or valuable property. Private Cars, houses, fruit trees etc without prior permission given.

7 No holding or grappling
7.1 No rough physical contact between players
7.2 No holding on to your opponent or opponent's gun

8 Surrender, BINGO! BANG!
8.1 A Surrender, BINGO! BANG! can come from any direction!
8.2 Gun must be working, loaded pointed at target as initial requirement!
8.3 Getting a "surrender" is a 2 stage method and is NOT AN INSTANT KILL
8.3a If your target is close range and obviously without cover, You must say "Surrender" "Bang" "Bingo" "dude you're so dead"
8.3b If they do not immediately announce "surrender" "I'm Dead" "Hit" "Sei" and raise hands or they move suddenly, as if to evade or fight back, you may Open Fire!
Step 1 You ask for a "Bingo"
Step 2 Opfor surrenders… or opens fire

8.4 Suggested definition of close range
_______a. Stock power pistols and AEG's under 1 joule 10 feet/3 meters
_______b. Any upgraded weapon or stock weapon over 1 joule/30 feet/10 meters

9 Knife Kill
9.1 Is a way of eliminating your opponent when in close proximity. Its advantage over calling for surrender is that it is silent.
9.2 A knife kill occurs when a player "taps" the opponent on any part of his body. When that happens the opponent is considered "dead".
9.3 Attacker must gently use his hand, gun part or rubber knife. (NO real steel!)
9.4 A "knife killed" opponent does not announce that he/she is "hit", and must stay silent. They then raises his/her weapon over his/her head and proceeds out of the play area like any "hit" player.
9.4 Also Killer May ask the opponent to stay in that position for a limited time as 'dead' until he decides that it is safe to move and continue to advance.

10 No time outs
10.1 You cannot call time out or cease-fire if your weapon is malfunctioning or the player is reloading.
10.2 Such malfunctions must be overcome in the field. If a player opts to go to the neutral zone to correct the malfunction, that player is considered "dead' and is out of play.
10.3 No Pretending to be Dead to deceive your opponents to gain field position!

11 Dead men tell no tales.
11.1 If you are already hit, you are not allowed to communicate with other players still playing. Eg: NO Ghosting
11.2 You can cheer from the sidelines, but no coaching is allowed.

12 Civilians
12.1 Civilians are all people not involved in the airsoft game.
12.2 If a civilian enters the play area, you are responsible to call for a cease-fire and inform all other players in the area that a civilian is passing through.
12.3 After the civilian has passed your position, call "civilian clear".
12.4 When all the players in your area have called "civilian clear", you may mutually resume game play.
12.5 If a marshal is around, the marshal shall be the one to declare the restart of game play.

13 Observe proper decorum
13.1.1 Be courteous. Treat women and girls as equals to the men and boys. As such, are entitled to all the courtesies and signs of respect due any other player in or out of the field.

13.2.1 Keep swearing to a minimal or displaying of any condescending attitudes and excessively rough behavior - These can cause problems in player-to-player relations, and may force the game organizers to eject the offensive individual(s) out of the game in order to maintain relative harmony.

13.3 Return all equipment or property borrowed or otherwise found out in the field. Finders should exercise good faith by announcing their find of leaving the item(s) in the care of game organizers or site custodian. No finders keepers.

13.4 No recruitment raids - It's unethical to attend someone else's game with the prime purpose of recruiting new members from the latter's ranks of players, initiates and visitors within the activity and venue.

13.5 Respect and take care of the playsite and its surroundings - Do not shoot, or cause damage or injury to birds, pet animals, livestock, decorative plants and flower, fruits on trees, planted crops, signage, houses and buildings, cars, or any piece of private property.

13.6 Learn, respect and follow the rules - These have been set down to give the best possible considerations for safety, realism, playability and fairness.

Conduct outside the game site:

14 Do not display your airsoft gun in public.
14.1 Your gun may be a toy, but it looks real. Because of this, care must be taken in handling it in public. There have been many incidents in the past where police have been called in because of the presence of "armed men". Please apply common sense.

15 Do not play in full view of the Public!
15.1 Playing in full view of the public not only displays yourself in BDUs and your weapons, but may also create an illusion that there is some disturbance, illegal militia training or terrorist activity going on. If you do insist on playing in view of the public, don't be surprised if you are raided by the police or military.

Original rules provided by The Obliterators HK

Classic Army Shop , manufactures all metal MP5's and accessories. Based in Hong Kong. Includes product summary and contact information.