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The Latest in Classic Army News


January 2021 New Partnership Cooperation Scheme in US  

Update on business expansion prospects in 2021

We are glad to announce that CLASSIC ARMY is updating our Airsoft Business in US with the help and kind support and patronage of our very reliable and regular customers like you.

You have supported us from the very beginning of our enterprise and have held our hand through every up and down. 

We are truly grateful for this kind of support you have extended to us, and we hope you would do the same in our future. 

For the sake of our customers and the advancement of technology, we have prepared to build the latest models and features to the Airsoft Market in 2021.

We hope that with your help it will take us to our zenith of glory.  We wish your continued patronage and will try our best to serve you in all professional manner.

Therefore we can serve you directly without any obstacle effective from today.  

We're looking for your contact to discuss our business expansion proposal with you soon ! 




New CNC & Silicone Internal Parts

New 25k RPM High Torque Motor and the latest CNC internal parts to help you hit the heights of peak performance from your models.
Available now!


New Nylon Fiber

4 new M4 models adding to the 2 well tested and proven models.
NF-003, NF-004, and NF-005, NF006 with new Angled RAS and Keymod ready to accessorizes.
Pre-upgraded, with 9mm bushings, QD gear box, 6.03 tight bore barrel contained in a light weight tough as nails Nylon fiber package.
Available in BK and DE now!


New Instock for the coming season...

Gear Up... Christmas is coming...


New Instock MK22 ISSC And the New SSR SCAR

Classic Army is Proud to announce the long and the short of our Airsoft SCAR Range.
Firstly with the new ISSC MK22 CQC Sportline model SP102P which includes 9mm bushings, silver wiring, Mosfet, 6.03mm tight bore barrel and Polymer Body, available in BK or DE.
And secondly the MK17 SSR (Sniper Support Weapon) CA0099M.
With the same pre-upgrade internals but with more bearings, CNC aircraft grade aluminum receiver.
In Stock NOW!
But be in quick if you want one for xmas ;)


We have a New Website...

We have a New Website... Under Construction
And New in this month... 40 Inch Hard Case now in DE

Classic Army Shop , manufactures all metal MP5's and accessories. Based in Hong Kong. Includes product summary and contact information.