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Q: What is the best gun?

A: Firstly you consider all Airsoft guns are generally the same internally. eg: a way to move a bb from A to B.
So what is best gun for "you" then that is up to you.
What looks good to you? M4, AK, G33, M14, M134?
What Kit or role do you want to wear or play in an airsoft game?
Are you always playing indoor or thick bush needing something short?
Or will you be outdoors in open fields wanting something longer?
Consider weight, are you built like a brick? Then maybe a M249 or EBR or even M134 could be right for you. Or are you more at the other end of the scales needing a Mp5, G36C or SIG552 to be the swift and light assassin on the field.
There is no correct answer here and with many factors involved. But remember generally all internals do the same thing. So what model is best for you can only be answered by you. But there is a ton of intel online about every model so do some research, ask your friends, and if possible, try before you buy.

Q: Can I try before I buy?

A: Yes, please visit our store for a trial shooting.
If you can't make it to our store you can request a video of a model, and we will arrange some basic footage of the model or link to similar tested model for your perusal.

Q: How do I place an order?

A: Ordering from Classic Army is easy and secure. Create an account, add items to cart, select your address to ship too, shipping method, payment info, review cart content and confirm order.
If you have any further questions or issues in placing an order, please contact us via our Live chat, facebook, forums or send us an email to as we are always happy to help with your questions.

Q: Do you have any Sales or Discount Codes?

A: We do have Occasional Seasonal Sales. As we are a company of airsofters, here for the love of the sport. So making more airsofters is our goal and our models are already permanently discounted and extremely reasonably priced. So generally any further discounts and we can be running at a loss. But on occasion we can be over stock of a few lines and they will be prices to move.

Q: What currency are your prices?

A: Prices on our website are in US dollars. If you are living in another country, please use a common online currency converter to find out what the prices are in your local currency.

Q: How Can I Pay for my Order.

A: Most commonly we accept PayPal through our shopping cart system.

Q: Do you accept bank transfer?

A: Yes for larger amounts this is not a problem. But please be aware the full amount needs to be received before the shipping can be arranged. So please make sure to include all bank fees and transfer costs from the bank at your end. And so again a “Friendly reminder, please bear all the bank transfer charges by yours. Do not deduct from the net amount. Thank you.”

Q: Do you Accept Wholesale orders?

A: Yes. Please Contact our wholesale Department at or via website

Q: How much is shipping?

A: Shipping fees are based on weight. The heavier and larger your order is, the more it will cost to ship. We can offer several shipping options pending on how fast you want it or how much you are willling to pay. If you can wait, surface mail is the cheapest option, but if you're in a great hurry, Express will be the only option.
Also please be aware of your local importation taxes and additional local delivery charges as we cannot be aware of these details and cannot compensate you in any way or form.

Q: What method of shipping is used? Is there a tracking number? How long will it take?

A: Shipping is arranged Via Express EMS (speed post), Air Parcel, Surface Mail and smaller packets via registered airmail.
All shipping should have tracking details for the packages, except the registered mail which will just show it's been sent and been delivered.
Timewise Express is the fastest with 3 to 5 days.*
Next is Air Parcel and Air Mail which are about the same with 5 to 10 days.*
Surface mail is the slowest and can be a month or 2 *, pending your location.
*Also note these times are excluding picking and packing time, any customs delays, postal strikes, volcanic ash clouds or generally very bad weather.

Q: When will my order be ship?

A: Orders usually leave our Store warehouse within 24 hours (excluding holidays and weekends) from received payment. On the slightest chance any of your items are found to be out of stock there maybe additional time to restock from our factory and we will inform you immediately to let you know of your options.

Q: I placed an order few days ago, why has is not been shipped yet?

A: Please note we are a Manufacturer and at any one time we only carry 75 to 90% of our models in-stock.
But being a manufacturer with an extensive factory we can create your model on demand within a few days.
But on a small percentage of orders there maybe of a couple days delay while the model is being manufactured.
If there is any further delay we will be in contact to let you know of any issues.
We are very sorry for any inconveniences caused and if you have any questions in this matter please feel free to ask our live chat, Facebook, Forums or send an email to our Customer Services.

Q: Where do you ship your Airsoft guns?

A: Anywhere in the world.
But please note, you MUST be fully aware of your local airsoft laws for importation and age limits.
We can't be held accountable if items are lost to your local customs or police.
We are aware of many countries laws and will comply with your importation instructions if we are not sure. But laws can change without our notice and we can't keep up to date without your help.
So if you have any questions in this matter please feel free to ask our live chat, Facebook, Forums or send an email to our Customer Services.

Q: Can you ship to USA?

A: Yes, Models will be permanently orange tipped and trademarks removed.
But note we do have USA distributors and it would be cheaper to purchase directly from them.

Q: Can you ship to California?

A: Yes, Models will be permanently orange tipped and and trigger guard will also be painted. As well as strips of orange grip tape will be added to the Mag, Grip and Stock.

Please include this with your order. Tape Job
But please note we do have USA distributors and it should be cheaper to purchase directly from them.

Q: Can you ship to Canada?

A: Yes, so long as you are over 18, the model is over 380 FPS and you have your correct importation documents.

Q: Can you ship to the UK?

A: Yes, but you will need a UKARA number for importation, or we paint your model bright orange.

Q: Can you paint guns 2-Tone for UK?

A: Yes for a small service fee we can paint the model 60% Bright Orange.Please include this with your order. Paint Job

Q: Can you ship to New Zealand?

A: Yes, but you will need Importation Permit number acquired from your local police department.

Q: Can you ship to Australia?

A: Yes, with the right type of firearms licence and you live in the northern territories.
But if you live in the other states then you will need to help change the current law first.

Q: Can you ship to Japan?

A: Yes, but models will need the power reduced to below 1Joule.

Q: How strong is the recoil on Airsoft guns?

A: AEG's guns generate little to no recoil. You can feel an intense vibration when firing in full-auto mode. Some GBB models on the other hand can have more recoil than real guns.

Q: Do you buy or sell second-hand guns?

A: I'm sorry we do not sell used or second hand models. But we do periodically have an in-store sale to refresh our shop demo models. And custom guns are coming :)

Q: How do I maintain my Airsoft Gun?

A: For exterior cleaning: Use a spray bottle and spray a paper towel very lightly with Airsoft silicone oil. Then wipe all the larger surfaces. For detail use Q-tips, and get all the small little cracks and crevices. If its metal you're cleaning you might want to spray some silicone oil on it and rub it off with paper towel really good. Silicone Oil is a good way to prevent rust from appearing or spreading. Please see our Trouble Shooting and Tips Page for further Intel

Q: Do you have an age limit?

A: No, anyone with the right safety education should be allowed to play Airsoft. But every country has different laws, and several have age limit laws. Please be aware of your local laws and importation regulations or check with your local authorities or airsoft clubs if you are unsure.

Q: Can you upgrade my AEG for Higher power.

A: Yes we do offer a basic upgrade service, and also options for premium High Torque or High Speed configurations. But honestly these are not needed for common play as Classic army models have a wicked rate of fire and a great FPS out of the box. So consider using the model stock as they are 11.1v lipo battery compatible and it should be most satisfying.

Q: Can I reuse BBs?

A: No, this will cause damage to your gun.

Q: What happens if I receive a faulty or malfunctioning product?

A: All Models are well tested before shipping. Please check our troubleshooting and tips page for common issue resolution. If there is still an issue, our team of professional customer service representatives will be here to help you. You need to email is with your order number and details of your issues so we can try to find a solution. If still no luck in getting it operational we can arrange an RMA number (Return Merchandize Authorization.) for the return order processing, for further investigation and if factory fault is found then repairs or replacement as needed.

Q: Can you order unlisted parts for me?

A: Yes we can order parts for your Classic Army Airsoft gun from our factory.
Please look in the manual for you gun and find the EXACT part number and email our customer services with your request. Then we will request our factory to locate or manufacture this part for you if possible.

Q: My question is not answered here, what do I do?

A: Please Contact us via our Live chat, Facebook forums or send us an email we are always happy to help with your questions.

Disclaimer: All Airsoft Guns, AEG, Gas Blowback Guns and Spring Guns are NOT genuine firearms.

Airsoft guns are designed for fun and to be used in the sport of airsoft. So condone anyone using airsoft to deliberately inflict pain or commit crimes, and should be punished with the full length of the law as if using genuine firearms.

Classic Army Shop , manufactures all metal MP5's and accessories. Based in Hong Kong. Includes product summary and contact information.